What Matters Most….In Life and Home Buying

What Matters Most….In Life and Home Buying

Life is a tricky thing some times…. We spend a lot of our time and energy investing in things that have temporary highs. I work with people everyday that will leverage everything they have for that house they believe will change their life. The truth is that “things” aren’t what change us, make us happy, or give us fulfillment. 

Of course buying something new and nice, like a new home, car, boat etc.. will give you a momentary high when you first drive it, move into it, or take it for a spin on the lake. But that feeling, that happiness, is fleeting. The high you first experienced is now gone and what remains is the reality and stress of what you leveraged to acquire that “thing”. Did you forfeit time with you family, investment in your kids, hours in your day staying late to close one more deal? Overworking yourself only to find you are living paycheck to paycheck, trying to support a lifestyle that is outside your means? 

Was the GAIN worth what you SACRIFICED?

To be honest… my first home purchase with my husband was that for us. We wanted that home more than anything. To this day I can remember us, about to be married, walking through the model hand in hand. Picturing how wonderful our lives would be once we got married and moved in. We pulled money from here and there to make it work. We upgraded everything we wanted at the design studio to make the house everything we had ever dreamed of. Needless to say we didn’t pay much attention to our budget. After all, this home would make us happy, and we wanted to be happy!

When we finally closed on that beautiful home we found ourselves faced with a harsh reality. We were living paycheck to paycheck, barely scraping by to afford the home we HAD to have. The home that would make us happy. Except it didn’t. We couldn’t afford to travel, or go out to dinners, or do many of the things we loved doing. Very quickly we realized we weren’t as happy as we expected. We found ourselves stressed and working diligently to make the mortgage payment, and 7 years later those upgrades we paid so much for were now dated and needed a facelift. We learned a lot from that purchase, and time in our lives. We learned true happiness wasn’t in a house or in anything we could purchase. 

Eight years later, We ended up selling our home for a gain of $2,000. All the blood(okay not really blood), sweat, and tears that went into paying for our “beautiful home” gained us $2000, seriously?!! Was it worth it?

My point is the next time you see yourself wanting to leverage more than you should to get your hands on that “thing”, think about what you’re giving up. Is it worth the momentary high that goes away once you make your first payment? Is it really worth all you’re going to have to sacrifice to afford it? Moments in life are what make you feel fulfilled and complete. Time spent with friends, family, neighbors, and loved ones. Use your time and resources to impact other people. Because that is where you will find true happiness. Not in “things”, but in people and life experiences. Invest in what matters…
As an agent my goal is to generate life long value, investments, and equity into your life.

Not only through your home purchase, but in anyway I can help you stay true to your goals, values, and what matters most to you and your family. Contact me to help you find “The Perfect Fit” for your lifestyle.  

Side Note: Not everyone is where they want to be financially. Whether you already have a down payment and are ready to purchase, or are ready to start saving, or even if you need help with your spending plan and knowing what you can afford. Please reach out to me and I can connect you with someone who can help. Also, a great resource for financial guidance and stability is  http://www.moneypeach.com 

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